PyconUK 2016

The Annual

Nicholas Banging on about Education Bit again (again)...

Nicholas H.Tollervey / @ntoll

Two Parts:

Teachers (Friday)

Kids (Saturday)

Developers are invited to both!

Part 1: Teachers

Teaching is the one profession that creates all the other professions.

Teaching is a calling (you're certainly not doing it for the money or "perks").

Teaching is the hardest job I've ever had to do.

This Morning

  • Introduction to Python
  • Games programming with PGZero
  • Hacking Minecraft
  • BBC micro:bits
  • Expert teachers leading workshops
  • Raspberry Pi Education team

This Afternoon

  • Adopt a teacher - help solve their problems.
  • Debates & Networking
  • Teachmeet

Developers Welcome!

Part 2: Kids' Day!

What to

Developers Welcome!

(If you dare)

Fifth or Sixth Year

(I dunno... it's all been quite traumatic)


How to find us...

(Just follow the noise.)


This morning break...

In the reception area (downstairs)

300 micro:bits
for PyCon UK

(First come, first serve)