PyconUK 2014

Education Track

Nicholas H.Tollervey / @ntoll

Two Parts:

Teachers (Friday)

Kids (Saturday)

Developers are invited to both!

Part 1: Teachers

Teaching is the one profession that creates all the other professions.

Teaching is a calling (you're certainly not doing it for the money or "perks").

Teaching is the hardest job I've ever had to do.

Python = prime candidate for teaching language

How can the UK's Python community help?

This Morning

  • Introduction to Python
  • Games programming
  • Robot workshop
  • Physical computing
  • Expert teachers leading workshops
  • Raspberry Pi Education team

This Afternoon

  • Resource generation
  • Debates & Networking
  • The Great British Robot Code Dojo

Developers Welcome!

The Great British Robot Code Dojo

Part 2: Kids' Day!

Developers Welcome!

(Again, If you dare)

What to

Education Track



Lots of fun

Simulation Centre

How to find us...

(Or just follow the noise.)