A Million Children and Python

(What could possibly go wrong?)

Nicholas H.Tollervey / @ntoll

Me armed with my tuba
Me as a teacher

Carrie Anne's Talk

  • Education working group
  • PythonZero

Education SIG

Educational discussion and chat.

Education WG

Practical educational projects.


  • Dan Pope - PyGame Zero
  • Ben Nuttall - GPIO Zero
  • Tim Golden - Network Zero
  • Nicholas Tollervey - Mu

Definition Zero (according to Tim)

  • Based on an established package (PyGame, GPIO, 0MQ)
  • Emphasis is on up-and-running use in a classroom or club rather than clever coding techniques
  • Relevant error messages (rather than report from several layers deep)

The Story of the BBC micro:bit

My First Computer

1 Million 11-year olds

"We must have Python on the micro:bit"

"Asking what sort of education and learning our community supports is how we decide what sort of community we become.

For it is through education and learning that we engage with our future colleagues, friends and supporters."

Nicholas Tollervey, 2015. :-)







  • Where / When? Via mail order in the summer.
  • How much will they cost? No idea - but cheap.
  • Where do I get the code / hardware details? Resources will be online after launch.
  • What OS does it run? MicroPython runs bare metal with 16k RAM and 256k of flash.
  • Where do I find out more?
    • http://microbit-micropython.rtfd.org
    • http://microbit.co.uk/
    • http://microworldtour.github.io/
    • http://github.com/ntoll/mu