What is it? What does it do? Why is it suddenly everywhere?

Nicholas H.Tollervey / @ntoll

What is it?

MicroPython is a re-implementation of Python 3 optimised for microcontrollers.

What does it do?

It brings the power and beauty of Python programming to highly constrained computing environments.

Why is it suddenly everywhere?

It facilitiates simple yet rapid development on embedded devices. It has powerful features. It uses a transferable skillset. It has an outstanding community.

That's it!


MicroPython is all over EMF

MicroPython is all over the UK

MicroPython is all over the world

MicroPython is on a path into SPACE

Damien George


(The technical bit...)

MicroPython Coding Style

(Does not follow traditional software engineering practices)

  • optimise first;
  • creative solutions and tricks;
  • sacrifice clarity for smaller code;
  • sacrifice efficiency for smaller code;
  • use of goto not discouraged;
  • optimise to minimise stack usage;
  • decisions based on analysis.



(The inspiring bit...)

To see if could be done! (FUN)

Make it easy for people to program in constrained environments.

1,931 backers pledged £97,803

1,399 backers pledged £28,534

1,000,000 children and an international team of volunteers

Live DEMO :-)

I only just got mine... let playtime begin





MicroPython Docs:


MicroPython Forum:


The future...

  • Improve existing offering (documentation, tutorials, more peripherals, engage with commuity).
  • Not just bare metal: works on actual operating systems!
  • IoT buzzword compliance. It's much easier to develop in Python than in C.
  • Embedding MicroPython within other software (games, mobile apps etc...).
  • Industrial use in...

Satellite control layer written in MicroPython

MicroPython's Legacy

"Asking what sort of education and learning our community supports is how we decide what sort of community we become.

For it is through education and learning that we engage with our future colleagues, friends and supporters."

Nicholas Tollervey, 2015. :-)