Educating for a Coding Culture

(A lazy engineer's long term view)

Nicholas H.Tollervey / @ntoll

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Me as a teacher
Me at EuroPython 2019

The Narrative

Software is eating the world. ~ Marc Andreessen

The real question is, do we direct technology, or do we let ourselves be directed by it and those who have mastered it? ~ Doug Rushkoff

[B]usinesses across a wide range of industries are seeking professionals with programming and coding experience, even if their company’s work is not directly related to technology. ~ Forbes

Stereotypes stop you doing stuff.

Current Solutions

GCSE/A levels?

GCSE/A levels?

GCSE/A levels?

Between £8k-£10k to attend a bootcamp.

Or you're on your own... :-(

Thought Experiment

What if we taught music like we teach programming?

24hr Programming

If you have £10k, there's nothing wrong with a three month bootcamp.

But you'll program like someone who has only been coding for three months.

Can you code like a Pirate?

Simple Pirate Python

import random

pirate_dictionary = {
    "hello": "ahoy",
    "you": "ye",
    "my": "me",
    "where": "whar",
    "is": "be",

pirate_phrases = ["thar she blows!", "arrr!", "avast ye!", ]

def translate(english):
    words = english.lower().split(" ")
    pirate = [pirate_dictionary.get(word, word) for word in words]
    if random.randint(0, 5) == 0:
    return " ".join(pirate)

Thought Experiment #2

What if we taught programming like we teach music..?

How do we get from this...

... to this ...

... this ...

... this ...

... or this ...

... or even this ..?

900 years of music education

Good artists copy, great artists steal

(Lazy engineers don't reinvent the wheel...)

"Asking what sort of education and learning our community supports is how we decide what sort of community we become.

For it is through education and learning that we engage with our future colleagues, friends and supporters."

Nicholas Tollervey, 2015. :-)

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