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Me armed with my tuba
Me as a teacher
Me at EuroPython 2019
music keyboards
School band

What if we taught music like we teach programming?

24hr Programming

If you have £10k, there's nothing wrong with a three month bootcamp.

But you'll program like someone who has only been coding for three months.


How do we get from this...

... to this ...

... this ...

... this ...

... or this ...

... or even this ..?

500 years of music education

Good artists copy, great artists steal

(Lazy engineers don't reinvent the wheel...)

Blocks v. Mu

What's the REAL THING?


Mu - a beginner's code editor.


PyperCard - HyperCard inspired cross platform GUIs in Python (this app is only 42 lines of code).

Education makes our future possible.

What that future is depends upon who turns up to provide such education.

Don't just sit there, do something!

Questions... :-)

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