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AIMLBot Version 3.0 Roadmap and other projects...

I have some time on my hands in the evenings at the moment so I hope to do some extensive re-factoring and development on the AIMLBot project.

My most important aims and objectives are:

  • To update the library's API to make it even simpler, efficient and useful.
  • Get rid of all the "cruft" that seems to have built up around the project (all those bloated examples). I'm going to re-focus on the core library.
  • Write better produced documentation and code examples.
  • Re-license the whole project under duel licenses:
    • A free "open-source" license for free-software and educational use.
    • A commercial license (that will cost money).
  • Make use of some of the new features in .NET 3.0 (interfacing with the Windows Workflow Foundation, WCF and Cardspace).
  • Provide several "free" clients as:
    • A standard "stand-alone" Windows application
    • A click-one application
    • An ASP.NET/AJAX.NET custom control
    • A Silverlight application
    • A Vista client written in XAML that makes use of the new speech and voice recognition APIs.
    • A GTK/Mono client for Linux/Mac OS X
  • Build a set of commercial applications upon the core library:
    • An easy to use GUI for AIML editing and bot configuration delivered as either:
      • A standard Windows application
      • A click-once application
      • A web application (ASP.NET or within Sharepoint)
      • A Silverlight application
    • A scalable, high performance server to which the above applications can connect and configure.
    • A lightweight "mobile" stand-alone program AND/OR client
  • A set of commercially available extensions to mash-up with:
  • To add extensions to the basic AIML set (AIML will always be supported in "compatibility mode"), details of which will be forthcoming.

Finally, you may remember I was working on an HR application and expert system. Well, the HR application is now shelved for good. It was an excellent vehicle for me to learn about Microformats, REST and Ruby-on-Rails so was not without its benefits. The work I've done on the expert system will be incorporated into the Windows Workflow Foundation research I've been doing with a view to applying it to version 3.0 of AIMLBot.