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Whither AIMLBot 3.0?

Friday 07 March 2008 (11:22PM)

The short answer: There isn't going to be an AIMLBot 3.0.

However, for the last few months I have been working hard on a new project that I'm currently calling Botkit (this name will probably change).

Botkit grew out of what was to be AIMLBot 3.0.

Put simply, I've raised the level of abstraction: Botkit is a framework for creating conversational agents in lots of different ways – in much the same way that ASP.NET can be used to create lots of different types of web-application.

To demonstrate this I'll be releasing a "reference" AIML bot (what was AIMLBot 3.0) as well as a few other types of conversational agent to show what Botkit it is capable of.

Its still early days yet but I'm making lots of progress and working hard on my trusty laptop during my daily commute to London.

What I can reveal is that:

I'll post more details soon.