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TeacherTool.org Manifesto

Thursday 05 October 2006 (09:49AM)

By creating the curriculum that we teach we choose the sort of society that we want.

This is true in three ways:

  1. In creating the content of a curriculum we are capturing our society's culture, values, knowledge and traditions so that they can be passed on to others.
  2. The means of sharing a curriculum reflects how our society engages with its citizens.
  3. The process by which we choose to define a curriculum is itself a reflection of our society's values.

TeacherTool.org is a means of collaborating in the creation and sharing of an open and evolving curriculum.

This is how it works:

The source code for TeacherTool.org is freely available under an open-source licence and includes instructions for modifying the code and running a collaborative curriculum planning site of your own.