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AIML Evolved - Aims and Objectives

Thursday 12 October 2006 (02:21PM)


My original .NET chat-bot was written over three years ago and is based upon the AIML specifications. It was also my first project in C# and became a vehicle for me to learn about the .NET platform.

Now that I have extensive experience and knowledge of .NET, I am re-designing this library to include several modifications and improvements. The definite modifications will be (in no particular order):

I also aim (but no promises) to include the following features (in order of priority):


In addition to the work on Program#, I have been in touch with the developers of a Ruby version of the standard AIML bot (ProgramR).

By their own admission, the project is very much "alpha" code. I am going to spend time contributing to this project as both a bug fixer and implementer of new features.

My reasons for doing this are to:

Ultimately, both Program# and ProgramR will implement only the minimum of required features in the simplest, easiest and most helpful way possible and become solid foundations upon which bespoke systems can be built.