Me armed with my tuba
Me as a teacher
As a teacher at my first PyCon UK
Euro Python Keynote 2015

The problem

Have you ever tried to teach 8 year olds to program?

The transition from visual to text based programming is hard

IDEs are for developers and not learners

Why not use IDLE?

Modus Operandi:

Ask teachers what would help

Observe students writing Python

Draw upon developer experience

Experiment, test, fix (repeat)

The Mu philosophy:

  • Less is more (remove all unnecessary distractions);
  • Keep it simple (so Mu is easy to understand);
  • Walk the path of least resistance (Mu should be easy);
  • Have fun (learning should be a positive experience).

Live Demo

Education makes our future possible.

What that future is depends upon who turns up to provide such education.

Don't just sit there, do something!