PyScript 🐍📜


You want to share this Python app with Grandma.

 print("Hello, world!")



PyScript is...

...A platform for Python

in the browser.

PyBunny 🐰

Polyglot 🏴‍☠️ 🦜☠️


  • Pyodide
  • MicroPython
  • Lua
  • Ruby
  • ???

import js  # globalThis

from pyscript import window

from pyscript import document 
<button id="click-me">Click me! 🐭</button>
from js import document

def handler(e):
    It's just Python! Access the DOM!
    output = document.createElement("span")
    output.innerHTML = "🖱️"

button = document.querySelector("button#click-me")
button.addEventListener("click", handler)

Clicky Mouse-o-Matic 🐁

Lights 💡 Cameras 🎥 Action 😄

from pyscript import document
import time

counter = document.getElementById("counter")
i = 1

while True:
    counter.innerHTML = str(i)
    i += 1
<script type="mpy" src="./" worker></script>

Final thoughts

  • PyScript is a platform.
  • It runs everywhere a browser runs.
  • Anything a browser can do, so can PyScript.
  • Write code and frameworks on PyScript.
  • It's open source... come play!
  • For the 99% (not just coders).

What's next?


TL;DR: - try 🐍 - docs 📖 - chat 💬

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